First Great Western to Heathrow Terminal 5

22 May 2015

Those who have been followers of the FWL blog for a long period of time, will know that my international travels do not often go smoothly. Hence, it was with some trepidation that I left the office this morning. I know the team will manage just fine without me. It was more a case of ‘what is going to go wrong this time?

Leaving earlier than planned – thank you Mr Taxi Man but you arriving 15 minutes early is not actually great news – I was reacquainted with my debit card at the local newsagents. A positive start and one I hoped would bode well for the day. Super service on the train and, although slightly late arrival into London Paddington, nothing to be overly bothered by. Following a brief – and dare I say, rather expensive – trip on the Heathrow Express, I reached my interim destination. So early, I could not check my case in! Ugh! A couple of calls to clients later and two books removed from the suitcase (24.3 kilograms on their scales), I headed towards my least favourite place in the airport world – security.

Positive attitude afoot, I took all of my liquids out of my bag as well as all of the electrical devices and placed them in the tray. I walked towards the scanner and …. I PASSED! No beeping noises! Minor celebration (small happy dance) but this was unfortunately short-lived as I watched my bag depart stage left into the checking zone. Noooooo…. What could I possibly have forgotten to take out? I was so confident that I had ‘done it right’ this time.

Answer: my luggage had been randomly selected for drug testing. Picturing myself appearing on one of those television programmes when people stand there and say, ‘No, I’ve never touched anything like that in my life’ and trying to explain away readings on luggage, just imagine my relief when I was given a clean bill of health. Phew!

Someone had left a £1 coin in one of the trays behind mine without claiming it and, instead of pocketing it herself, the lovely security lady handed it to me…. Onwards and upwards eh!

And so, my final preparations for departure are complete…. Blogs written and laptop charged ready for some work on the plane.

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