From a different time zone

23 May 2015

FWL now has a new office – in Niagara! More sun evident than we are used to at the moment in the UK (and I arrived at 6pm) though the temperature seems pretty comparable. It’s Bank Holiday weekend in the UK but not here in Canada. They had their long weekend last weekend. However, today is a day off for me – a rarity – and I am being treated to a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls. Anyone would think I was on holiday (which, just for the record, I am really not)!

Although I have been to Niagara Falls a few times, it has always been pretty overcast, windy and sometimes, wet. From the window of my new office, it doesn’t look brilliantly sunny but it is early yet. I have quickly acclimatised (I think) to the new time zone – 5 hours behind the UK – and started work pretty early this morning. This is quite unusual as I am normally a night owl rather than someone who is ‘up with the larks’. The interesting thing is, business doesn’t have to stop just because I am not in the UK. I can still do what I normally do. Having been (thank you BA) upgraded on the flight over to World Traveller Plus, I managed to get a heap of writing done on the plane, without being squashed between the laptop and the seat and without the distraction of the internet. I – rather amusingly – found myself naturally clicking on the Google Chrome icon at times. Habits are tough to break!

So, for the next ten days, I will be on Eastern Standard Time. Blogs should still come through on the same schedule so you will probably hardly notice the difference. In fact, you might even see more blogs than usual – Niagara pictures to follow!

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