Harbour Square and Billy Bishop

25 May 2015

My genea-journey continues …. and I am now a Toronto resident for several days. After a minor travel delay en route (leaving Niagara Falls 75 minutes later than scheduled), I arrived at Grand Union Station at 9pm. Shattered and not really feeling 100% fighting fit (I won’t go into the detail here), I decided to opt for the taxi route despite knowing that
Harbour Square – my new home – was within walking distance. Well, walking distance without nigh on 40 kilograms of luggage, that is. However, my plans were scuppered as it would appear that my journey was too short for the taxi drivers to want to perform. So, I walked. It actually wasn’t an epic journey and we arrived in one piece in no time at all. Keys collected and collapsed for the night.

My apartment has an amazing view of the harbour and also of the incoming planes. I had no idea that there was a City airport as well as the International one where I had landed. Billy Bishop Airport is right in the heart of downtown Toronto and clearly built for convenience. “Offering service to over 20 cities in Canada and the United States, with connections to more than 80 international destinations, Billy Bishop Airport is the only airport located entirely within Toronto’s boundaries,” so says the Ports Toronto website. It is the ninth busiest Canadian airport so maybe I will manage to snap a photograph of an incoming or outgoing plane while I am here.

In Toronto, I have no particular sightseeing plans hatched but I have been here a number of times now and seen very little for one reason or another. So, tomorrow I hope to be hitting the roads. A visit to St James’ Cemetery seems potentially unnecessary as there are no Sillifant/Silliphants listed on Find A Grave (though this doesn’t list every grave, so who knows). A bit of time over coffee this afternoon with a map might be a good plan, I think! Any suggestions folks?

[I know you are all dying to know why it’s called Billy Bishop Airport? It was named after Air Marshal Billy Bishop who was a flying ace in World War 1.]

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