A day in Toronto

26 May 2015

Well, in order to post a blog today (UK-time), this is more like ‘half a day in Toronto‘ actually! Being five hours behind BST, I awoke to several messages from clients via my wonderful PA back in the UK. It was certainly time to get cracking early here! Coffee on and at my desk by 7am (a rare occurrence back home!) but that was midday back in England. I can’t complain too much as I have a fantastic residence for the next two days with a harbour view and so, before I got too deep into work, I booked my harbour boat tour.

After coffee number 2 and a brief alarm issue – apparently caused by a problem in one of the lift shafts (!!) – the fire department allowed us to exit the apartments and I descended from Floor 16 to the Lobby. Not too far to walk – the boat tour departs right outside the apartment block (see the two towers on the right of the picture on the left)! Another beautifully sunny day in Canada and so, I was more than a little surprised to only be sharing the boat with two other people (aside from the crew) – from near Bristol, no less.

The history of Toronto is fascinating with Billy Bishop Airport being the only island in the harbour which was man-made. The other islands are inhabited by around 700 people we were told by the tour guide – pretty isolated in the winter I shouldn’t wonder! There is a school on the islands as well as a nature reserve which is off limits to boats and people – ‘no anchoring’ allowed – a yacht club, marina, church, golf course, fire station…. everything!

We managed a closer view of the airport but there is (understandably) a ‘no-go’ zone at the end of the runway and the fines for boats entering this area are exorbitant, as well as potentially losing your captain’s licence. Worth staying outside the zone, I’d say!

Onward to some more sightseeing this afternoon, after catching up on a few pieces of work – no peace for the wicked (and I must surely have been very wicked once upon a time!). Not long until the OGS Conference in Barrie now – three days and it will be well underway!

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