What do you call a group of genealogists?

28 May 2015

Unless you have completely missed my blog posts this week, you will probably have realised by now that I (MD@FWL) am far from the office and have left the team to get on without me. Today is my final day in Toronto before heading to the OGS Conference in Barrie where I will be headlining no less! Eek….! It’s amazing how what starts off being ‘just a couple of lectures and a workshop’, turns into a whole heap of lectures, two ‘Fast Tracks’ (20 minute lectures to promote societies) and three ‘Ask The Expert‘ sessions – who came up with that mad hat idea?!

Social media is whirling up a storm with lots of genies looking forward to ‘feeling at home’, talking about our obsession in family history with fellow attendees ALL WEEKEND! I wonder though, what is the collective noun for a gathering of genealogists?

A bunch? Sounds more like something to do with fruit – a bunch of coconuts or bananas or similar! A herd is more suited to animals as is a nest…. none of these quite befit a group of genealogists. A bevy of genealogists perhaps (like swans), a family of genealogists (like otters), or a rabble of genealogists (like butterflies)? A good discussion point for the weekend ahead I feel!

No more sitting in archives with dusty old documents, no more online meetings, emails etc. this weekend – we are properly meeting up! All nearly 500 registrants, speakers and market place vendors from around the world! Oooeee – exciting! Blog scheduling might be slightly off-kilter as a result though – you have been warned!

Some of the lectures are being streamed out from the conference via Live Stream so take a look and see if there are any you would like to watch, even if you are not in Barrie this weekend! Enjoy a fun-packed genealogical weekend, folks!

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