Day 1 at OGS Conference

29 May 2015

Having now acclimatised in terms of time-zone and language to the Canadian culture, today is the start of the OGS Conference and I can half pass myself off as a native. OK, so not really…. but I have retaught myself a few of the key terms which are different from UK speak, so I don’t sound quite so ‘different’ from the locals. My morning kicked off early with my workshop on surname studies. You never know the level of expertise and interest when you present a workshop and so, it’s a little like flying off into an unknown land. This morning’s group had some really fascinating surnames and also stories about their names with many hints and tips passed on, even to experienced surname studier and fellow conference attendee, Dr Maurice Gleeson.

My previous visits to Canada have clearly been memorable to others as well as myself, with many people remarking on seeing me present in 2014. This weekend sure seems to be a busy one for me with seven presentations of various sorts from Fast Tracks to lectures, workshops and the keynote conference opening speech this evening. All written (of course) and I took the opportunity last night to check with the Conference Chair that my keynote presentation was what she was hoping for…. Thank heaven it was, otherwise this 24 hour period would have been a little hectic!

I have met with so many new genea-mates and reconnected with previous contacts already – the weekend has barely even started. The geneaworld is such a friendly one.

The auditorium and stage look empty right now but the room looks vast, so I am hoping that all runs smoothly for ‘If I Could Turn Back Time‘ this evening! I won’t be doing a Cher number on the attire and I sure as heck am not going to be singing or dancing. With the theme of ‘Tracks Through Time’, we will quite literally be tracking through time in my own family history…. with some stories that attendees can relate to and linking many of the different tracks of lectures planned for the weekend.

So, wish me luck folks…. report and photographs to follow later I am sure, though not in the usual Kirsty attire, sadly.

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