Growing up and travelling

1 June 2015

Well, you are most probably wondering why I am posting another blog so swiftly after the last. In short, it’s because I know how much my dear readers love to hear about my travel issues! With a smile on my face and a small spring in my step (I have loved being in Canada but I am ready to head back to my own home now), I arrived at the airport a short while ago. The shuttle bus from the hotel was superb – quick and better than anything else, free. My suitcase was 23kg before I packed the last few items, so I was pretty certain it would tip the scale at over 24. Sure enough it did, but the lovely BA check-in lady turned a blind eye to the 600g difference – that’s called common sense, eh! Heathrow could learn a thing or two from the staff here.

Heading to my favourite place – security – I entered the arena with my smile and hoped to heaven and earth I would manage a happy dance today. So close, but it was not to be. In years gone by, when I was younger, I would not have dealt with the bag search in such a positive way. Over the years, I see how I have changed the way I deal with the more challenging situations in life! And so, when the security gentleman said, “I am going to search your bag, is that OK?”, I simply commented, “I don’t think that’s a question, is it? Please go ahead!”

There was ‘an item’ down one side of my luggage which had caught their attention on the scanner. Mr Security tried very hard to just put his hand inside each panel to locate whatever the item was but to no avail. So, I politely extracted the entire contents of my hand luggage. Would you like to hazard a guess what the offending item was….? Bearing in mind last year, I had issues with vodka, socks and a hood on my jacket….

My weighing scale. Words fail me. How many flights have I travelled with them in my cabin bags? More numerous than I can count.

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