Heading back to the homeland

1 June 2015

My journey is over
. Ten days in the country which feels very much like a second home to me and I am now beginning my final preparations ready for departure. I am not literally on the plane but sitting in the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto Airport. I am still buzzing from such a successful and exciting conference weekend…. so much so that last night I failed to remember that I needed to stop talking to people, writing to people and generally extolling the virtues of the OGS Conference to EAT! Oops…. Couldn’t understand why room service were not answering the telephone – that would be because it was 10:55pm!

Back into the thick of it all today – dragged myself up to speed with all the case work which the team have been cracking on with in my absence and managed to fling a couple of dozen emails off to people, book my business meetings in for the week and try to bring the brain back to England before the body lands there. The sun is finally trying to break through the nasty clouds which have lined the sky today in Toronto so I might not fly out under a heavy cloud cover but I am not holding my breath for any miracles on that score.

Genealogy is quite a remarkable profession. I have met a diverse cross-section of people, reacquainted myself with previously discovered friends (I dare not say old friends, as they certainly are not!), as well as forming new friendships based on a shared interest – more like obsession actually. We aren’t all the same – life would be very boring if we were, I imagine – and we still select those people we really want to connect and continue relations with, just like in any walk of life. Genealogists are special people and I, for one, will be ensuring I keep in touch with all the amazing people I have met these past ten days. As I said yesterday, thank you for making me feel so welcome.

Now, where did I put that invite for my return trip?

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