Me? On a small screen….?

10 June 2015

Amazingly, ’tis soon to be so. I cannot say too much but in two weeks time, I will be heading south to film with Qui êtes-vous? – the French-Canadian version of Who Do You Think You Are? Not the big screen, just the small one…. but exciting! I have been liaising with the production team (since completing the research some months ago) regarding the filming and I am extremely grateful that my university level French does not need to be resurrected in the next few weeks. Whilst I can still understand spoken and written French, my ability to string a sensible sentence together might not quite be up to the level required for such a high profile show.


The investigation into this case was fascinating. The initial email from the research team filled me with dread as the request was to locate records from over 400 years ago. What percentage of parishes in England have records which exist that far back in history? Although the precise baptism which we were hoping to find was sadly not recorded in any existing documentation, two wills, a marriage and several other children’s baptisms have survived – I was amazed. For someone to be able to trace their history back to our shores well over 400 years ago is staggering and I so look forward to breaking the news to the Canadian celebrity about his/her family history in Wiltshire.

There are now various television shows across the globe which highlight the work we do with regard to finding people. Is there anyone FWL hasn’t found? Not yet …. though we have a few cases which we are still working on! 

Is there someone missing in your life? Someone you would love to track down? Are you adopted and keen to find out more about your birth parents? Get in touch with us at FWL – you can be assured of a personal service which is second to none.

Image source: Qui êtes-vous? Facebook

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