What a difference a day makes

11 June 2015

“…. 24 little hours …. Brought the sun and the flowers ….Where there used to be rain” – oh so true! Positive blog post yesterday but possibly not the best day I have had this side of the New Year. Odd in many facets to be fair and downright rubbish in others. That said, today has been a totally different day. Hilarious in the most part and uplifting compared to yesterday.

I am lucky in many ways. I have a great team around me and super supportive colleagues, friends and family across the globe. On negative days, I know that people will rally and pick me up when I am down. I do the same for them. I have been involved in genealogy for a few decades now (clearly, not always to the same extent) and during that time, I have met some really lovely individuals who I am proud to call my friends. Some of them I see regularly and some I see just once a year, or even less. No matter how often I see people nowadays though, it doesn’t matter so much as it did 20 or 30 years ago. The online communication mediums help to stay in touch and feel part of each other’s lives.

I was chatting late last night (my time) with a good friend in Canada on Facebook (you know who you are!) and I suddenly realised that actually I had only met her twice in my entire life and only known her for a little over a year! However, she provided more support than I could ever have hoped for at the recent OGS Conference in Barrie and it feels like we have been friends since childhood!

Friendships are important. We can keep in touch far more readily nowadays with email, Facebook, Twitter and all the other exciting inventions of the modern day. Yes, some of those modern creations cause problems occasionally, but most of the time, isn’t it great to be able to see what our friends are doing and contact them at the ‘drop of a hat’ on the other side of the world?

Many months back, I waxed lyrical about positivity. It’s back in my life after just one short day of absence – stick your negativity where the sun doesn’t shine!

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