A weekend away from Wiltshire

14 June 2015

As you will have worked out from yesterday’s blog, I have been away for the weekend in Dorset. Having spent almost all of my first eighteen years on the planet living near Wimborne Minister, I try to return as often as I can. Very few friends still live in the area though the memories live on. Frequently I drive down roads and think: What does this area remind me of? What used to be here before that was built? Etc.

I love the South Coast. No beach visits this time, although the weather yesterday would have suited a walk in the sand and toe dipping in the (cold) sea. A country walk featured instead (with a churchyard) and two more churchyards today! I was on a reconnaissance mission for the filming in two weeks for Qui êtes-vous? The location of said quest cannot be identified at present just in case the celebrity in question is reading this blog – highly unlikely, but you can never be sure! Although the plan was to only visit one village, I have recommended a slight deviation from the proposed schedule as today, I found a beautiful church in an idyllic setting, where the forebears of our celebrity were baptised – one not to be missed, if we can possibly fit it in.

The wonders of these churchyard visits with Ma & Pa FWL is that they are either just used to my mad hat plans and take it in their stride or, they quite enjoy our historic ventures. I like to think it’s the latter. Pa FWL spotted a family name on a grave today as well as a name linked to the celebrity tree …. The years of training are paying off! Photographs relating to two surname studies were emailed off earlier to long-standing friends and appreciative correspondence was received by return! Genealogy networking is a wonderful thing….

And so, to another busy week ahead. I thought I knew the lie of the land for this week but over the last few days, changes were afoot in various capacities. Meetings I thought I had, I don’t. Evenings when I thought I knew the plan, I don’t. Oh well, never mind…. more time to get cracking on some new adoption work which has come in this weekend. Never a dull moment!

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