Unexpectedly brilliant Monday

15 June 2015

Am I the only one who has no clue what day it is, most days of the week? Without my diary, I would be utterly lost. If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen. That diary (by the way) has recently been highly acclaimed by many colleagues…. yes, it’s a Filofax. A real old-fashioned paper-based effort which I have to confess, I love. Would I like to ‘go electronic‘? No thank you! Anyway, that’s not the point of this post…. Many people dislike Mondays. Generally, those people are individuals who work from Monday to Friday and have the weekend off.

Personally, I love Mondays. Partly because – more often than not – I have a full FWL research team. Not so today due to holidays and appointments but the postbox was full this morning with certificates and other case-related correspondence. One of the certificates was unexpected…. because it was the wrong one! Thank you to the General Register Office for printing the other marriage on the page. Whilst I am very pleased to know all about Frank Addison’s ceremony, I actually would have preferred the right certificate which we needed to send off to the Government Legal Department today.

In our FWL contracts, we state that we have “not stated or predicted the value of the estate“. The reason we have that clause in the contract is because (generally) we actually have no idea, clues or anything else! And this morning’s post was met with utter surprise when a case had a significantly higher value than we could ever have predicted, given the deceased’s circumstances, age etc. The most extraordinary part was that NONE of the beneficiaries on the case had been contacted by ANY other Heir Hunting company…. How is that possible?

To complete the day, several very positive meetings this evening as well as managing to catch up with some friends and clients on Eastern Daylight Time in Canada/USA. Unexpectedly, ‘la fin du jour’ was not as positive as the start…. in trying to save the laptop from certain damage as I slipped on glossy finish paper on the office floor,  I may well have broken a small part of my anatomy. Certainly, the carpet has become rather more mottled in colour and the small tabby variety of FWL assistants is showing her concern by not leaving my side. Fingers crossed (they are OK!) that in the morning, the pain will have subsided and Tuesday will be as positive as Monday! Early indications bode well….

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