That was the day that was

18 June 2015

Dear World,

Thank you. For what, you ask? For giving me another amazingly different day. An extremely late night/early morning catching up with paperwork, I awoke to rather odd memories of overnight dreams. Firstly, that someone had published some derisory and defamatory misinformation in an article and then that the door bell had gone (hence, I was somewhat convinced the postman was at the door – just so you know, Dawn is on holiday at the moment and therefore, postman replacement). Thankfully, neither dream was (so far as I know) a reality but with less than four hours sleep, I woke and faced you – the World.

After some running around in the early part of the day, thank you World for giving me the opportunity to present a webinar on ‘An A-Z of Victorian Occupations’ to the Society of Australian Genealogists. From the comfort of my own office in England, I developed the knowledge of the SAG members, took various questions and highlighted some mighty bizarre occupations like Knock Nobbler, Urinator and Pancratist.

A few cases to cajole along the road (some joining of brain cells required) and a brief dalliance into the inner workings of the electrical wiring regulations (perhaps best not to elucidate), I began the journey (a flying trip) to Reading. It’s always wonderful when people greet you as if they know you, especially when you have no clue whether you are the person they think you are! Well, today I discovered that a beneficiary on our Calne intestacy case works in a petrol station in Royal Wootton Bassett. That pit stop certainly saved me a text/call/email…. It’s not a million miles between the two towns but it isn’t really that close so it really was quite a surprise to cross paths with her earlier today.

Well World, it’s been busy in FWL World today – we have many people contacting us and asking if they can join the team. Some look to be great acquisitions too! Any more for any more?

Yours, One of the World’s Busiest and Happiest MDs.

Source image: What a Beautiful World

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