Out with the old, in with the new

20 June 2015

Nearly four years ago, I moved from Reading – my ‘home’ for fifteen years – to Calne. Having completed my Masters degree in 2000, I remained in Reading until 2011, but why? House prices were ludicrous and travelling around the IDR (Inner Distribution Road) was nothing short of a nightmare most days of the week. And so, I decided to box up my life and move west (an hour further down the M4) to the lovely town of Calne.

Back then, I didn’t run a business full-time and in these four years, a lot has changed. The ‘lie of the land’ (i.e. what some of the rooms are used for) has been tweaked and so this weekend is a mission of out with the old and in with the new. One too many desks, books which we never use/don’t need, paperwork which has been moved from room-to-room for four years and not found a permanent home…. much to be done to make the place more workable for Team FWL (including the furry members of the squad).


A free-standing cupboard unit has been shifted a few inches and the filing cabinet has been moved to be located nearer the desk (for ease of filing, obviously). The hanging files from drawer three of the large unit are now housed in drawer one of the small one and vice versa, avoiding the need to open a cupboard door before opening the cabinet drawer itself.

Of course, it all gets worse before it gets better and so, the three suitcases are currently located in the bathroom before being returned to the loft/attic tomorrow! The key to making the space workable is getting rid of items which are no longer required (if indeed, they ever were!). Why do I have a huge box of books on an area of Middlesex which I never ever use? They don’t take up as much space as the 1980’s telephone directories (which are very useful, I can tell you) but they are never consulted…. ever!

Genealogy is a very paper-heavy pastime/hobby/obsession/job and geneatidying is going to need to feature more regularly the busier we get. What an exciting weekend, but maybe I will finally get on top of it and keep it organised and tidy for good. Here’s hoping!

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