Predictable? That would be ….

21 June 2015

…. boring! What would a ‘normal’ person do on a Sunday? Chill out and watch the tennis, the athletics, do some gardening or some household chores? How about all four!

Today was the day to clear the piles of paper in the office (shred, recycle, file etc.), move the furniture, mow the lawn, fix the gate, hoover the carpets and so much more. A relatively cold start at 13˚C, the day warmed quickly and the office windows have been open all day to blow the cobwebs away without any support from human efforts! I am delighted to report that the two main research rooms are now clear of debris and ready for the week ahead. Other arenas? Erm, best not to talk about them!

In the interim (‘breaks’), the clearance team (Ma & Pa FWL, me and the two furry members of the team) have managed to view parts of the Queen’s Club Final (well done, Andy) as well as the European Athletic Team Championships. All in a day’s work – on Father’s Day!

Interestingly, earlier on in the day, I received an email from someone about Father’s Day – it is apparently not Father’s Day in Australia. Well, I never knew (until I checked out the ‘all-knowing’ Wikipedia) that around the world we celebrate Father’s Day on different days/dates. You sure do learn something new every day….

And so, we are on the cusp of a new week. Who knows what this week will bring? Well, I know a few things …. fourteen meetings already scheduled before you even count two breakfast network meetings and a visit to London to view a house. Certainly a very busy working week…. I used to wish my life away to the next weekend but now, the weekends aren’t much different from the weekdays! Good job I love my job, eh!

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