Families are funny things

22 June 2015

“They can be large or small, normal or crazy, fun or embarrassing – families are all different. Sometimes your family is just great to be with, and sometimes, well…” says author, Andrea Shavick. At FWL, we deal with families most days of the week. Some are really close and some are estranged. Often, we ask potential beneficiaries in intestacy cases if they have contact details for their siblings and our question is met with surprise that this might be the case….!

Today has been a ‘case in point‘. Without disclosing the case we are working on right now (wouldn’t want those sneaky competitors to find out what we up to, you know!), we have spoken to nearly all of the claimants and most of them had never heard of their first cousin (or first cousin once removed) whose estate they are due to benefit from. Remarkable, especially as the deceased did not shy away from the limelight!

It’s certainly true that you really can’t choose your family. You might learn to live with them, or decide to keep your distance, but you would surely know the names of your close family members, wouldn’t you?

As part of our service, we provide a full family history (as researched to present the matter to the Government Legal Department). We never know the value of an estate prior to signing beneficiaries and often, our clients are more enthusiastic to know about their ancestry than they are about their potential ‘windfall’. Wouldn’t you like to find out about your history and be paid at the same time!?

When was the last time you contacted your aunts, uncles, cousins etc.? Are there friends you’d really like to get back in touch with? Then do it! I did it yesterday – used an email address from nearly ten years ago, sent a test message to see if it still worked and today, received a reply from a friend from a decade ago. Tim W – you have no idea how much you (and our story) have featured in my family history talks over the years….! So much to catch up on….

Source image: The Truth About Families

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