What are your aspirations?

25 June 2015

When I was young, I don’t really remember having a particular aspiration in life. Some children have a goal in terms of a job they really want to do when they are older. The only thing I can really remember wanting to do was NOT to be a teacher! My parents (Ma & Pa FWL) were both teachers and I had seen them work so hard for so many years, I thought…. no thank you! At one stage, during my Masters degree in Chemistry, I quite fancied a career in forensics and that followed at a later date with being an accountant….

In my twenties – looking back – I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go in. I left the day job I loved in September 2013 and decided to be my own boss. Never intended growing a team of researchers and building one of the most recommended UK research, tracing and intestacy companies…. amazing what a difference (less than) two years can make, along with the best sales and marketing training (in December 2014) I could ever have dreamed existed. I met Andy Entwistle of Salient Sales and Training at 4N Chippenham and something he said in his forty second ‘elevator pitch’ struck a cord.

Attending Andy’s course in December (which I have to say is an absolute bargain price for a one-day seminar), I came away with so many ideas about how to grow my business. Now, six months later, we are administrators for an intestate case worth over £500,000 and we continue to change lives with the work we do on family histories, adoptions, tracing cases and other projects.

Next week, I’ll be involved in filming for an overseas family history show. I am not sure how much I can disclose at present so, in the interests of common sense, I’ll keep the cards close to my chest at the moment!!! So much going on…. so little time!

Source image: Corey’s blog

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