What is the appropriate etiquette?

26 June 2015

Right from the outset, Friday 26th was going to be ‘entertaining’ (please translate to words such as challenging, interesting, manic etc.). More than anything else, there were so many appointments, calls, meetings and crucial work which needed to be fitted in, that any breaks looked almost impossible. As per usual on a Friday, the day began bright at early at 6:30am in Bath. After a very positive business network meeting, I made it back to the office (via the post office to collect yesterday’s missed Special Delivery) in time to meet Dawn (FWL’s Chief in Charge of post). Another raft of identification, contracts and paperwork on various cases …. and then the day began in earnest.Evo_Type_Mirror

Meetings – translate into calls, hangouts online, scheduled catch-ups with Team FWL researchers (and many unscheduled ones!) – were diarised for 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. How?! The gaps were factored in for travel time and at 3:50pm, I was delighted to find myself entering Bradford-on-Avon early for my 4pm appointment. Well, some dozy moose put pay to that. The road into Bradford-on-Avon is relatively narrow but there is more than enough space for two cars to fit down the carriageway. Well, most of the time….

SMACK…. my wing mirror was walloped by a lady in a silver Vauxhall Astra. I was almost stopped and parked in the hedge but that did not provide her with enough space apparently. So, what is accident etiquette?

It was throwing it down with rain and, grateful though I was that she had stopped further up the road, I was not so enthusiastic with the fact I had leave my car in situ and walk up the road in the pouring rain to wait for her to tell me that she (a) thought we were equally at fault – erm, no! and (b) take eons to write down her mobile number, registration plate and name. Her wing mirror was demolished and all over the road due to the speed she was travelling at when she struck my lovely car. Ronnie is not very happy and we will wait and see what the damage is in the dry light of tomorrow.

Bloody woman….

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