Who wants to find ‘Long Lost Family’?

28 June 2015

Finding living people is not easy. It takes a lot of skill, expertise and what we call at FWL, terrier-like attitude. Depending on why you want to find someone also influences the level of difficulty of your quest. If an individual wants to hide (for whatever reason), they will cover their tracks. These days people have to change their name legally by deed poll whereas in the past – in my experience – they frequently just decide to alter their name, without any documentation to legalise/formalise the change. The fact that we now have a formal process to change a person’s name doesn’t make people any easier to trace though, because there is no central register of these changes….!

Over recent weeks, we have managed to locate individuals via a variety of means who have legally changed their names. Wills are invaluable sources and whilst sometimes the £10 fee isn’t worth it, more often than not the Will can provide crucial information about the extended family of the deceased person, with contact details provided by the deceased (at the time of writing).

In the UK, we have TV shows called Long Lost Family and also Family Finders but really, you don’t need to go to a television production team or spend a fortune to find your long lost family, whoever they are, wherever they are. Just come to us at Family Wise Limited!

We have located hundreds of people for clients over the years and almost every single person has said that we do not charge as much as they had budgeted for to pay for our services. We think out of the box and do not leave a stone unturned to find long lost family members. Why not ask us for a quote? What do you have to lose?

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