Famous last words

30 June 2015

I do believe that summer is here in England – lordie, we have had the windows, doors and conservatory open today and it is HOT! Of course I realise that, now that I have uttered these words in a public forum, the heavens will open and the temperature will rocket downwards rapidly. The offices of FWL have been like an oven today but interestingly, that has made us very productive.

We work on some really interesting projects at FWL and some which take us away from the planned jobs for the day. Much of our work is time-sensitive and driven by good communication between the team. Thank heaven for modern technology – when it works! Imagine not having Wifi…. or not having a mobile phone for contacting people when you are out of the office/house. Remember those old-fashioned phone box things?

I remember, in the early days of mobile phones, being one of those people who said “I never want to have a mobile. Why would I want to be contactable anytime, anywhere?” I still think that sometimes (!!) but would I be without it? Heavens no! The office hours of FWL are flexible from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday because, with modern technology, we don’t all have to be physically IN the office during those hours to answer the phone. Wunderbar!

This evening, I am mighty glad I don’t have to sit in the office. Too darned hot…. The marvellous day I have had I sadly, once again, cannot share with you all – in a few months time, my blog posts are going to be AWESOME! Some of the cases we are working on are sooooo interesting.

Here’s to another jolly day in the sunshine…. and a fan! (Oh, I have some of them already…. Haha!). Tomorrow, we will be regaling you with a few gems we have been storing up over the last month or so. Along the Potty Fartwell & Knob lines…. Watch this space!

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