The penny drops

2 July 2015

As a business owner, Managing Director, or whatever you would like to call me, I regularly attend business network meetings in the local area (and sometimes further afield). I have been doing this for some years now to raise the profile of FWL. In our field, we need to stand out from the crowd. We can be great researchers in our own offices but if people don’t know we exist….!

During the hundreds of meetings I have attended, there have been various occasions when the penny has quite literally dropped in front of my eyes. Today was one of those – a business colleague I have met a couple of times who specifically wanted to talk to me about a personal matter which she needed me to investigate, as well as two services I needed right there in the room! Networking works…. Had I ‘just met’ any of these individuals for the first time? No. I know them (in varying degrees), I’d even go so far as to say I like them and I certainly trust them as fellow business owners.

When I set up FWL, did I think I would be managing a team of researchers? No. Did I think I would need professional office equipment? No. [Oh, I thought I would be able to manage with a desktop printer ….urgh … no!] Did I ever imagine that I would need people to answer the telephone in the office when I wasn’t available? No. How have I come by all these services? Networking. Yes, full stop. That’s it. It is – quite seriously – the answer to everything.

If you want to grow your business, you MUST seek out the local networking events. You really cannot afford not to be involved.

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