So much to sea

3 July 2015

It’s not often I take time out of the FWL office but this weekend, we are away on a short break…. who’d have thought it possible?! Some while ago, me and Mr FWL decided we needed to book something. We don’t take the opportunity to switch off very often (and even now, I still write a blog each day and keep on top of FWL case work) so we looked into heading off abroad for a long weekend but, by the time we factored in flights, accommodation, a car, car parking and heaven alone knows what else, we decided to stay in England. Well actually, in the UK. We are in Welsh Wales.

Did you know it costs £6.50 to get into Wales via the Severn Bridge but it costs nothing to get out again?! You can take that in any way you choose – the Welsh tell me, it’s for a variety of reasons relating to the fact their country is wonderful, but I shall not pass comment. Safest I think….!

Travel was fairly simple and with only four phone calls en route (!!), we arrived at shortly before 4 to check into our booked hotel. Haha – should be simple, but no! Booked into an ‘accessible’ room with lots of hand rails and a specially lowered bed…. Thanks but no thanks! So, we moved from one hotel to another before even checking in!

The new hotel was actually better placed (in the City Centre) than the booked one (Waterfront) and we have already visited the sea, I have put my toes in the sand and we have planned our two days off. There are so many things to see and do in and around Swansea – oh yes, that’s where we are staying by the way! – that we might have to schedule a revisit if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Tinworks, Waterfall, Showcaves and more, tomorrow looks to be a great day on the weather front, unlike Sunday when the heavens are due to open and lightning bolts are drawn on the BBC forecast. So, Sunday’s plans are undercover before our return to Wiltshire. Watch this space for exciting historical reports ….

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