Draft, draft and re-draft

6 July 2015

As Managing Director of FWL, I am supposed to know everything. And, do you know what ….? I do! However, that is only with the ‘on tap’ guidance and advice from thousands of colleagues, friends, family and other acquaintances over the years. Me personally….? I remember a lot of extraneous facts, generally historical or genealogical, most of which are considered by many to be irrelevant to society!

Being MD here is all about having the right skill set to get the best out of the team, as well as being able to analyse individual strengths to build the best team possible. I/we don’t always manage to get it right. However, no matter what, we learn from every case (good or bad).

Personally, I often end up drafting the important letters. The ones which have to be right the first time as we won’t get a second chance. With these, I have to be 100% happy with them and confident that they will have the desired effect on the recipient, whatever we hope that will be. How do you write to someone who gave up their son/daughter at birth to ask if they would accept contact? There are many other scenarios as well where I have to draft, draft and draft again. Sometimes it can take four or five versions to ‘get it right’. Most of the time, the wait has been long to get to the contact stage and the final part is worth waiting for!

We have two pieces of amazing news to share later this week on the Long Lost Families front and another story in the pipeline. It’s rare that we can manage ‘quick fixes’ in our work – sometimes magic can be worked overnight, but more often than not, it takes time and diligent research as well as drafting, drafting and drafting again until we are happy with the final product. Like I said though, it’s worth the wait.

Source image: Go Displays

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