When is enough really enough?

7 July 2015

I give up…. Like heck I do! I never give up! But seriously, at FWL it’s really hard to know when to give up. There are plenty of cases we’ve worked on (this year alone!) where we have spent a lot of man hours (well, mainly woman hours actually) and achieved nothing as an end result. That’s only on intestacy cases though…. and it’s usually for one of just a small number of reasons, mostly revolving around bad decisions on the part of the beneficiaries (i.e. they decide to fly solo or sign with another company – very silly mistakes to make). Some cases are very simple to crack whereas others require lots of dedication and dare I say, resilience. But do you know how hard it is to stop a resilient team?! Almost impossible….!

On other matters – family history, direct people tracing requests and adoptions – the team never ever give up. So, you can’t find your birth parents? We will. You haven’t managed to locate X after Y (year)? We will. So, you are banging your head against a solid brick wall in your ancestry which just will not be felled…. we will smash it down. In fact, we can even show you how to annihilate it yourself!

Genealogy, family history or whatever you want to call this hobby/pastime (obsession) can take over your life/world. You want to find out about your heritage, locate that little nugget of information which is missing…. Why not ask us to look at it for you?

Within the team we have a wealth of experience – most of us have grown from grass roots in the field and everyone has something to bring to the party. Work at FWL is not 9am to 5pm and we’ve had a number of clients commenting this last week in particular about how much they value our availability (we’ll not mention the clients who called at 7am on Skype from Australia, nor the one in Suffolk who called at 11pm!). We offer excellent value for money. Why go anywhere else?

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