Marvellous, magnificent, magical Monday

13 July 2015

Wow …. what a wonderful start to the week! The day began with a monster list which I did not stand a chance of completing – welcome to every day of my life. However, I could not have hoped for such a positive day. Many people say that here at FWL we work magic and often, we do. On Friday, I spoke to someone who just couldn’t stop saying “Wow!” about the information I told her and today, it’s been more of the same including a fair few “Thank you so much!” and “You are amazing!” comments scattered in between. Wow is a small word but it means a lot.

Today’s marvellous day has involved contact from an adoptee’s birth family, tracking down funds which neither myself nor beneficiaries were expecting on an estate we are administering, attempting to locate the Jones family from Wales (I kid you not – mission part accomplished on that front!), completing Grants of Letters of Administration and much more. Even the issue of disappearing assets on an estate has not dampened our spirits….!

How do we manage to wave our magic wands so well? Never say never…. we can’t promise success but we can give it everything we’ve got. We have a case we are working on at the moment which, like another one about a month ago, has been touched by most members of the extended FWL team. It’s one which is close to our hearts and so, we are not leaving a stone unturned …. if we fail, it won’t be for lack of effort.

On Friday, I received a call on a letter we sent last week. The recipient/caller was not very positive during the call and I had to work very hard to try to encourage them to just pass on the letter to a close family member. It worked. Why? Because the magic wand was waved aloft…. An odd Monday – one of the Chief Terriers was missing in action – but Team FWL have continued to work magic. Why go anywhere else when Team FWL are Simply the best, Better than all the rest….

Source image: Connecticut Working Mums

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