Good things come to those who wait

16 July 2015

There are some proverbs which are pretty spot on but “good things come to those who wait”…. Seriously? When have you sat around and waited for something to happen and it has magically dropped into your lap? If you have, I swear that you are in the minority.


Good things come to those who work hard. Those who beaver away and don’t stop until the job is done. That’s how the good things happen. In the FWL world, we can’t just give up when times get hard, as I’ve said a couple of times this past week or so. So, we can’t find your birth mother in ten minutes…. well, that’s not surprising!!! Does that mean we sit and wait for her to call us, as if by magic? No!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again“….

We frequently quote for new projects. The quote is sometimes easy…. but sometimes it’s tough as we are venturing into the unknown. We don’t know how hard it will be to find what our client is seeking. How long will it take to find someone? Heaven knows! Will they want to engage with our client when they are found? Who knows!

We have had a lot of successes of late…. unexpected ones as well…. and none of them have been a result of sitting around twiddling our thumbs, I can assure you! Sometimes a significant amount of patience is needed. We can’t promise results overnight, especially when there are frequently a large number of external factors which are completely beyond our control.

This week, we have added a stupendous completely ludicrous question to our collection: “Can you explain why some records state that X is born in Lithuania and others state Russia as his birth country?” Erm…. pretty sure that Lithuania was part of Russia in the early twentieth century!!? (unless my historical knowledge is even worse than I thought!) But, to find X from Lithuania/Russia in the first place was amazing and took a lot of effort on the part of almost the entire FWL Team! It’s certainly true – good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up! That’s us….

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