The importance of professionalism

17 July 2015

During my working life, I have had a varied career path before finding my niche, from Deputy Manager in a residential care home for adults with learning difficulties, to working in the Prudential Annuities Department, teaching and a whole host of other roles in between…. But I consider myself very lucky, as I have never left a job because I didn’t want to do it anymore. Leaving teaching to manage my own company was not an easy decision. It is apparently rare for teachers to leave teaching and be successful, or so I was told. If that’s even true at all, I hope that I have proved that it is possible and that, whilst teaching is a great job, there is life outside the profession.

No matter what my role has been in life, I have always maintained a high level of professionalism. That’s not to say that I am perfect as I am most certainly not. I have my faults, as any human being does. Training to be a manager (in the Fast Track teaching scheme) availed me of many courses which I would otherwise not have considered or been able to afford to attend. Many of the opportunities I have been presented with over the last decade – across many sectors – have significantly assisted me on my way to being the person I am today. But, no matter what, I have always been professional. That’s the minimum standard in any profession, surely?

Since being a full-time MD@FWL, I have always been involved in business networking – firstly in BNI and then, more recently, 4N. I never considered that I would be good at networking…. but apparently, I am! The most important thing for us at FWL is for more people to know that we exist and that our brilliant reputation gets out there in the wider world. That requires any representative of the company to be professional at all times and ensure that the FWL brand and identity is retained….

Did you know that at FWL, we find people and we change lives? If you didn’t, where have you been for the last two years?! Don’t go anywhere else – as well as being a highly professional team, we have a 100% crack rate and even the man who said he’d break our 100%, couldn’t!

Source image: Patrice K Cokley

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