Random requests for assistance

21 July 2015

At FWL, we find people…. no matter how hard they try to hide. Seriously…. some of them try really hard, but we will not be beaten. Over the past few years, I have been to many business meetings/network meetings/referral marketing meetings to build awareness of FWL in the West Country. Sometimes that awareness brings business referrals from fellow business owners from their contacts and/or people they meet in their line of work. On other occasions, people ‘spot’ messages on social media and tag us to say …. “Hey you guys at FWL – someone needs your help!”

Frequently, people post on their Facebook page (or share other’s posts) to say “Trying to find X, Y, Z” and it’s an easy fix (for us). Today was one of those days. In the midst of cracking and signing cases, clearing a flat and meeting new clients, I sent a Facebook message to someone trying to locate her cousins who she had lost touch with many decades ago. She’d had false leads in the past but, within ten minutes, I had located a marriage and current address/phone number for one of the two ladies. Sometimes, it really is that easy. With new information, she can now check that my connections are correct (GRO marriage certificate already ordered) and then make contact when she is ready. A rewarding ‘random act of genealogical kindness‘…..

Who do you know who is always talking about someone they want to trace from their past? Do you see those Facebook posts asking for help to trace people and think “I can’t help”? Well, in future, please send them our way. We have never failed yet. With 100% success rate, why would anyone go anywhere else?

The UK offices of FWL are open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and we have offices all over the world. We find people, wherever they are, no matter how hard they try to hide. 

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