Investing for the future

28 July 2015

No, I have not changed career and become a financial adviser. It’s OK folks…. at FWL, we are still finding people and changing lives. However, over the last six months, we have changed more than just lives. We have changed some aspects of the way we operate. No longer will you hear an engaged tone when you call our offices. We now have more phone lines to ensure that your call doesn’t go unanswered during office hours. If we cannot respond to your call straight away, we will make sure you receive a call back as soon as possible between the hours of 9am and 9pm, Monday to Saturday (and sometimes on a Sunday too).

We are investing in new staff – the team is expanding again! – and last month, we made one of the best investments yet. A new photocopier. Oh, how life has changed. No more painful scanning of individual documents prior to submission of estate claims to the Government Legal Department. Now, all the documents can be scanned into one PDF in seconds.

A new filing system, new office furniture and a new shredder (after the last one met an untimely end last weekend)…. FWL is even more efficient than ever before and we are busier than ever before which is why this blog is slightly later than usual. We are the victims of our own successes. Today, we received another glowing testimonial from a recent FWL customer on Check A Professional and another referral via BNI relating to an adoption.

Over the last six months as MD@FWL, I have surrounded myself with a team of people who can help lead the company to greater successes. Yes, it’s difficult sometimes to find time to educate others, skill up the team and develop the capacity in others so as to be able to delegate various tasks, but it’s worth it in the long run! It makes a lot of sense to invest in things which are going to help me and the business grow!

Team FWL are a force to be reckoned with – watch out world!

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