What does it take?

28 July 2015

People are funny things. They are all both genetically and inherently different. Becoming a successful entrepreneur (or dedicated employee) depends upon someone’s ability to understand the people around them. The more you try to make people think like you think, the more you’ll end up losing our cool with others, handing in your notice or, if you are in a position to, sacking an employee.

Did you know that there are sixteen personality types, with detailed descriptions attributed to each? You can even do a online test to find out your type/s (which I will be doing after this blog is written!). Earlier this year, I responded to the various motivational mapping questions and received a fascinating profile of me and the nine core motivations. Some score higher than others – as you would expect – but the one thing which did not surprise me at all was that the three highest motivations were searcher, creator and expert!

Two years ago, I left (for good) the career which I began in 2003. I had never dreamed of being ‘an entrepeneur’, a ‘Managing Director’…. in fact, I thought that I would always educate the young people of the future. And then ambition bit me….

The last year has seen great successes for me personally and also for FWL as a company. I always enjoy celebrating the achievements of others (even when life, for me, might not be going so well). However, there have also been numerous attempts made at setting me/us back….

We are a highly motivated team at FWL. We are the first to light the fireworks to recognise successes of others and when we are made aware of the plight of others, we rally to support and encourage them. How many other people do the same? Why is it that others feel threatened by success and feel the need to attack those who are successful?

Positivity is needed folks. Life is becoming more hectic, busier and impersonal every day. Take the time to support others. Value their place in society and encourage them. We don’t need a fan club to achieve our goals. We are our own motivation. But hey, we’d all like the fan club too, wouldn’t we!?

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