Clearing the decks

2 August 2015

It is a well-known fact that, as MD@FWL, I often work pretty crazy hours. Most weekends I manage to have some downtime and I have to confess that I do love the flexibility of the working week. Do I have to get up at 6am each morning, leave the house at a particular time and get to work at a specific time? Nope. If I decide to work into the wee small hours, that’s my choice. If I don’t fancy getting up until 8:30am or even later, that’s not a problem. The office hours are long so the other parts need to be flexible to retain my sanity!

This weekend, I sadly had to cancel a social engagement. This is very unusual for me. When I say I will be somewhere, I will be there. However, on this occasion, an amazing business opportunity came up which we (FWL) could not refuse. The flip side of that was that the rest of the weekend – which should have been a relaxing, dog walking Sunday morning with one of my mates, followed by a delightful M6/M5/M4 drive back home – has been work orientated. Now, Sunday evening sees me – rather than feeling relaxed and invigorated for the week ahead (minus one of the FWL Team) – as a rather frazzled individual.

There are some positives though – the decks have been cleared of some of the excess baggage and I managed to collect ID and contracts from two beneficiaries during my travels yesterday. Much paperwork has also been dealt with, sorted and filed ready for the week ahead. The promised HSBC call back awaits me tomorrow (joy….) and the ‘to-do list’ is somewhat shorter than it was on Friday evening. Many of our clients will head back to their inboxes tomorrow morning to find emails updating them on the progress of cases. Things have moved forward significantly. However, I don’t fancy a weekend like that again for a while!

Onward to a positive week ahead….

Source image: Bunny Daze by Cin

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