What is your personal best?

4 August 2015

This evening, I have been catching up on some recorded athletics from The Anniversary Games. I watched some at the time, but didn’t manage to keep on top of all the events. The ‘poster girl’ of the London Olympics – Jessica Ennis-Hill – competed in several events (what with being a heptathlete and all that!) and set several season’s bests. In fact, two of our fabulous ladies set National Records (NR)…. Dina Asher-Smith became the first ever British woman to run under 11 seconds in the 100m and Shara Proctor beat her own long jump NR with 6.98m. So close to that 7m barrier….

As I have commented in the past, I am a pretty huge athletics fan so yes, I’ll be tuning into the IAAF World Championships later this month in Beijing (from 22 August). With the time difference, most of the races will require a late night …. like I need an excuse! But seriously…. some of the events are timetabled for 4 something or 5 something in the morning…. Could be challenging to work around!

My personal best for a 5km Race for Life is not the greatest and I am staggered at some of the times the professionals ‘clock’. Yes, I know they train for a living but the records, personal bests, national records etc. are simply amazing. It’s not quite the same, but we have personal bests in business too. Not in terms of our abilities to run/jump/throw the fastest/furthest (of course) but we set goals and measure our progress towards those goals.

At FWL, we have our ‘fingers in many pies’ – we trace birth families for adoptees (half-siblings, birth parents etc.), we break down brick walls in family history research, locating missing people, produce fully documented ancestries….. etc. etc. We change lives in many ways and so, it’s often difficult to ‘set goals’ as such. How do we know when someone is ready to start their quest? We don’t…. But no matter when the door is opened, we are ready and able to assist. We have a strong international team. Nothing is too difficult for Team FWL. We succeed where the ‘big names’ fail. 

Our personal best? 100% crack rate. Still, no-one has got away.

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