Where do you get your inspiration?

6 August 2015

Ever since FWL began ‘in earnest’ (well, stage 1 of earnestness anyways!), we have blogged every day about something topical – sometimes, it’s historical, frequently genealogical and often about the crazy and fascinating daily world of FWL. We read other people’s blog posts on a regular basis from societies to organisations (or organizations in some parts of the world), individuals to collaborative groups, professionals to amateurs and everything in between. Some people write once a month, others once a week and some crazy folk every day …. like us!

We post out our blog to various locations but not every social network in the world as otherwise, people who follow us on lots of channels would get very bored with seeing our stories in every location they search. So, we stick to Twitter and Facebook whilst also allowing people to ‘follow’ the blog page and receive an email when a new post is published. The wonders of modern technology….

When we first started writing, the FWL web designer said that it would be ideal if we could create new content for the site every day. And we have…. even when I was at sea on a cruise ship in Australia last year, on my travels to Canada on several occasions and on the day I managed to lose my keys to the house with ten minutes left of the day to post a blog! I simply sat in the car – on the house Wifi – and wrote the blog there. Greater love hath no man and all that!

There is a ‘sensible length’ for a blog apparently and I wonder on the merits of writing just 100 words…. does this attract the attention of your potential clients? If you write too much, is this a deterrent to readers? However frequent your blog is, or how long the post is, how do you come up with inspirational ideas? Do you have a long list to choose from? Or do you sit down at the time your blog needs to be written and say, “What shall I write?” Interested to hear from fellow bloggers….

Source image: Growthweaver.com

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