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7 August 2015

How do you decide which plumber/heating engineer to use when your boiler is not behaving properly? Which electrician do you choose to add an extra socket into your kitchen? Which solicitor do you choose to act for you? There are often many different trades people/professionals to pick from. How do you make your decision?

Personally, I buy from people I like. That’s a given. But more than that, I buy from people I trust. In business, you have to build a reputation…. a good one, obviously! And you also have to build relationships with people…. especially in our job. Much of the work we do requires a great deal of sensitivity, patience, care and empathy. We act on behalf of bereaved clients, people who are adopted and many other situations, all requiring tact and diplomacy.

Since FWL was founded, we have built up positive relationships with local and national business owners, in person via networking opportunities and online using various social networking channels. Today though, I have been left stunned by an amazing return on networking investment.

Regular readers will be aware of FWL’s Chief in charge of post (Dawn). Sadly this morning, we missed her appearance at the office and so, upon my return, I set about my mission – Chase The Postman (Dawn). This game has never been played with Dawn before. Usually, the game is only played with her deputies on her days/weeks off. I tell you what though – she is darned good at the game because I could not find her in any of the usual places on the round! In hope, I popped into the collection office – “You’re too early”, said Tim (Chief Collection Postmaster) and so, I gave up for today…. OK, well not quite true. I called Royal Mail and found out that the Special Delivery I was chasing was not of the utmost excitement and then gave up.

I toddled off to an afternoon appointment and en route back to the office, the mobile rang. “Hello, it’s Tim from Royal Mail”, said the voice. I was shocked! Tim was calling to ask if I wanted to go and collect my Special Delivery, even though it was 3:10pm and collection closes at 1:30pm. Positive relationships clearly win every day. Thanks Tim!

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