Administrative tasks – friend or foe?

8 August 2015

Recently, Saturday has taken on a new meaning in the offices of FWL. It is the day of filing. The amount of paper which now comes through our front door in a week is simply staggering. It can take various forms from contracts and identification documents, to certificates, Wills, letters, cheques and so much more…. The processes are now honed but keeping on top of every case file is becoming more and more challenging. So, on a Saturday, all the paperwork from the week is spread across the desks and every single item is filed in the correct place before we switch off for the day/this week. So far, it is working well!

As business expands, there are so many new considerations. Increasing the number of researchers on the team = more cases signed = more box files and filing space needed = higher postage bills, etc. etc. The ‘more’ list is never ending (in a good way!). The administration side of things has been made easy by investing in a photocopier to speed up copying and scanning time, as well as taking on new team members to ensure the phone is always answered when clients call. Administrative tasks are the bane of most MD’s lives and I doubt I am much different from the norm on that score. In my old job, I used to think there was quite a lot of ridiculous admin tasks. Oh, how much more I do now! But the difference is, these tasks are all for the good of me, my business and my team.

Are you an admin lover or an admin hater? Do you put the filing at the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list or at the top? What would you prefer to be doing: washing up, cleaning the house or filing? (and no, you can’t answer ‘none of the three’!)

Sadly, filing and other administrative tasks are a necessary evil for every business owner. Some can be delegated whereas others sit firmly with the MD (more’s the pity!)…. And Saturday is as good a day as any to get it done, ready for the new week on Monday morning. What will Sunday bring….? Washing up or house cleaning? After all, with filing done, they are the only two things left eh!

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