Playing it safe v Being challenged

9 August 2015

We are all in this world to be someone. You may not have a burning desire to ‘make a difference’ in a particular field but you’d like to be remembered by somebody along the way, eh? Or, what’s the point? Perhaps you might not realise what that desire is for a while…. I didn’t. Quite fancied being a forensic scientist (that’s the investigator in me) or even working for the Secret Service (I am damn good at keeping secrets when I need to) but neither profession seemed to ‘fit’ when it came down to it. So, what are my key motivators? Those must be the ones which drive me forward in my chosen profession/career, surely….

Basically, what I am passionate about is making a difference. This could be by helping a young person access a particular strand of the curriculum which previously was a blur, it could be finding their long lost family, handing over their entitlement in an estate….Whatever the challenge, that’s the crux of it – making a difference to somebody’s life. More often than not, that means putting me second, or third, or even lower down the pecking order. Don’t worry….  I am not being catapulted to number one! But, this one (me) needs a personal challenge right now….

I am of the belief (though I could be wrong) that I am cursed by my genetics. I was never meant to be ‘of slim build’ and so unfortunately, I have to work harder to achieve the figure I had for the five year period, 2009-2014. This last year has had its fair share of challenges – unfair criticism, unnecessary battles and illness of close friends – which have all culminated in me being less bothered about me and more bothered about other people or other things. Well, no more…. Playing it safe = making excuses…. “I couldn’t do that because ….” or “Sorry but….”. I will still care a lot for others…. but I will ACTUALLY feature too!

We love a challenge at FWL. Oh my …. I am about to enter into an enormous personal challenge (again). Wish me luck.

[And no, I will not run a 5K, half marathon or anything else. Not yet. One step at a time.]

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