Tackling the tough stuff

10 August 2015

On your list of things to do tomorrow, what will be the first thing you tick/cross off? For most people, the answer to that is a task which is either enjoyable, easy to achieve or both! How many jobs have been on your list for more than a few days? More than a week? Knocking on for a month….? You know those tasks…. The ones you really, really don’t want to do. We all have them. Those jobs you quoted for and wished you hadn’t. Those things you agreed to do and wonder why after the event.


For me, tomorrow is a writing day. I love writing and I have three articles to finish (two with a today deadline – sorry!) for various publications across the world. Life is very varied as MD@FWL. I often hear fellow business owners in the trades saying, “I want to get off the tools now….”, generally followed by a conversation around the fact that they would like to focus on growing the business but not actually doing the painting, carpentry, electrical or plumbing work. Well, tomorrow…. I am taking a day ‘off the tools’ as I need to focus on the creative (right?) side of my brain.

I also have a report which has been outstanding for some time. It’s not an easy piece of work and so, it shifts towards the bottom of the list on a daily basis, weekly basis etc. and it is well overdue. With luck and a strong following wind, I might manage to get that cleared as well. However, that will be a tall order indeed!

Tackling the tough stuff needs to feature at the top of the list each day and be followed by the short, simple-to-achieve goals. Otherwise, the tough stuff remains tough and stays on the list…. ad infinitum.

Oooo, how about doing a MoSCoW analysis of the task list? Get all the must do items done before you do the should do and could do…. [Must take a note of my own advice here!]

[Source image: CYPU.org]

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