‘Off the tools?’ …. yeah right!

11 August 2015

Yesterday, I commented that I had a heap of tasks to complete and that today would be a ‘day of writing‘ (some may consider that similar to a day of reckoning!) Well, to say that that did not happen would be an understatement. This 10,000 steps malarkey is bloody hard work you know, so the day started with a 3.4K run to get my step-rate up before 9am. Thank goodness I did, or I think I would be sat here with about 1,000 steps on the Fitbit. The problem with researching is that you are sat on your arse 90% of the time!

I have epically failed to be ‘off the tools’. Heir Hunting is just too much fun. New documents arrive in the mail, or online and it’s hard to stop yourself being distracted from the tasks which need to be done. Massive thanks to our Canadian Office today for a great case signing plus more leads on cases in Central America – oh yes, we like a challenge here at FWL! During the course of the afternoon, a dear lady ‘up north’ hung up on me twice but I was not to be deterred…. two robust cases cracked and definitely a Terrier Team Work day in the office!

The week ahead includes significant mileage with a trip to Bristol tomorrow to collect personal effects on an estate and a couple of meetings en route back. Sadly, driving doesn’t help with the step-rate so I will have to park a long way away from every venue I visit. Not only will I now park in odd places to protect my car doors from being dented by other vehicle owners but also to increase the amount of exercise I can manage to fit into a day. Do you realise how sedentary an office job is? Get a pedometer or a Fitbit and you’ll soon find out! (It’s scary!)

I have a question for you business owners who want to get ‘off the tools’ – do you really? I certainly don’t!

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