Healthy competition

12 August 2015

Life is full of competition. In school, young people compete to get the best grades. They compete to get picked for what is perceived as being ‘the best team’. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. It is actually good for all of us, no matter what our age or position in life. It keeps us motivated to continue to improve and aim higher towards the goal we want to achieve.

Healthy competition was also the title of the second episode of Series 3 of the BBC sitcom, Only Fools and Horses. It was first broadcast in late 1983 and, in the episode, Rodney Trotter decides to leave Trotters Independent Traders and go into business with Mickey Pearce! Needless to say, the partnership failed with Del Boy labelling Rodney a ’24-carat plonker’. I digress….

A little competition is good for us at FWL. Our business is very competitive, which means that we have to keep on our toes and make sure that we are ahead of the game …. ahead of the competition. Trying to drag myself away from the desk is very difficult as I never like to leave a case untouched. I am by no means OCD (certainly not on the tidiness front) but I probably have a few traits! I am really enjoying the challenge presented this week by four fellow genies with our Workweek Hustle. Being one of the few full-time worker bees, I was never destined to ‘win’ and be the greatest stepper of the week. However, I have to confess to being quite motivated to not only achieve my 10,000 step goal per day but also, making a mark in the group (not coming last would be good!). More than that, I want to build some new positive habits into my working day. All good so far!

In the world of Heir Hunting, there are many companies who ‘do what we do‘, but not in the way that we do it. We have been thanked recently by individuals who are not signed with FWL, but are beneficiaries on a case we are administrating, for our “empathy with regard to the personal side of the case as well as the financial”. We provide a thorough and highly professional service from start to finish (and sometimes I need the patience of a United Nations Peace Keeper to achieve this!).

We love healthy competition. I read an interesting article online by Rafael Behr about this subject last year, in which he says, “Rule: a company’s enthusiasm for competition shrinks directly in proportion to the likelihood of its competitors being any good.”

I’ll leave that for you to ponder…

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