Playing to your strengths

15 August 2015

FWL has grown exponentially in the last year. The team is expanding at a rapid rate and I am really enjoying getting to know my team members and what they bring to the table. All are great researchers – otherwise they wouldn’t be on the team! – but they are all different. Some are implementers – give them a practical, workable strategy and they will carry it out with competence and efficiency – whereas several others are plants – highly creative individuals who are good at solving problems in unconventional ways. Research takes all sorts! The wonderful thing about having a team is that you can delegate tasks to people who have strengths in particular areas.

Within the business, there are certain tasks which I do not – and probably won’t ever – delegate. They are things that I particularly enjoy and don’t want to let go! Adoption cases, finding long lost family, tracing requests…. I could do those all day long (and regularly do!). With all the administrative, writing and/or checking tasks I have on my plate, I have to have some fun in life!

As the team grows, it’s harder to ensure that the individual members gel – especially as we are based all over the world, so it’s not like we can meet regularly, in person! Sadly, many of the nine team roles still fall to me. Apparently, that’s what often happens? Networking plays a key role in my business though, so even if I am required to take on a team role which I am not best placed for, I always have someone to call on. Need someone to help document the processes in FWL? Easy – White Tiger. Or maybe someone is needed to provide conveyancing on a property? Easy – Goughs. The list goes on….

As a Managing Director, you can’t be an expert on everything, so it is best to surround yourself with great people. I love this quote from an article published in Forbes in June 2012: “Working with people you like and respect makes the emotional ride much easier to handle and much more enjoyable. I now know I’ve found ‘greatness’, when I meet someone and think wow, I want to be around that person because, I like them, I respect their work, I can learn from them, and I respect the way they do their work.”

Surround yourself with great people, no matter what. It works. Honest….

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