Words rarely fail me

19 August 2015

…. but today, they have. A more roller-coaster-esque day I doubt I have ever seen. Despite being a member of the best 4N group in the country – Chippenham, of course – I drove to 4N Cribbs Causeway. Being a member of 4N, you can go (‘passport’) to as many meetings as you like…. and I had never visited Cribbs but wanted to meet with the 4Sighter, Ed Kenworthy. Great plans afoot after the morning meeting – well, to go to IKEA! – I hit the CBA button and returned to the office (after chasing Linda, the Deputy Post Lady, in the rain). Having been away in the FWL SW Office for a few days, I decided that I needed to be at HQ for a few hours today, to find my feet.

And I am glad I did – the phone did not stop ringing and I had so much paperwork to contend with, I thought the afternoon was over and it was only 2pm! Sadly, in my line of work, people with chips on their shoulders cannot leave happy and successful business owners to get on with their lives and so, a small irritation popped up to the surface for scratching today. Hopefully, the unnecessary and uncalled for itch will go away soon…. Hey ho! Smiling on and building on our successes….

The saddest part of the day was the fact the Mr FWL had to attend a family funeral and I will now be attending one in due course as my best friend lost her battle. A dear friend through the toughest times, I am sad to have lost a great soul whilst being grateful that I was able to be a part of her life, having met first in early 2009 and had an instant connection through shared goals in life. I will miss her dearly and yet again, it brings our work at FWL into close perspective.

As the title says, words rarely fail me but I have been utterly amazed by the support I have received today. As MD@FWL, I am constantly supported – on a business level – by my team. I realise now that this extends far beyond being ‘The Boss’. On top of that, many business networking colleagues have reached out to ‘be there’…. I never quite appreciated how many friends I actually have.

It has been said on many occasions that one of my greatest assets is that I support my friends and family. I keep in touch and make sure that everyone is ‘OK’. I hadn’t realised the impact that had on others or what they felt for me. For that, I am truly grateful.

[Thanks for the positive start at 4N Cribbs Causeway. Shame the rest of the day went downhill after I left!]

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