In the Premier League

21 August 2015

Whoa Neddy! This week has been absolutely bonkers. From Cornwall and back to FWL HQ, nibbling critters to grief close to home, the week has been anything but ‘as planned’…. But we are now over ‘the hump’ of the week and the weekend is almost in sight.

The diary for 20 August was a hectic one with a fair amount of driving, appointments and such like. Unfortunately, one scheduled meeting was several hours long, with very few occasions when getting up and moving around was possible. Inevitably, after meetings, the ‘to-do’ list turns out to be longer than before the meeting started and today was most certainly no different. Managing expectations is crucial and when someone asked today if I could fit in Y (job) in the next 24 hours, I quite honestly had to say ‘No’. As a team, we are in the Premier League, but if we overstretch ourselves, we won’t stay there.

What constitutes being in the Premier League in our profession? There is no specific criteria as such but taking a look at our testimonials on Check A Professional will give you a very good idea of what we pride ourselves on and what we do best. It’s not about goal scoring and it’s not about winning matches against other teams, though that does (of course) help. It’s about giving the best customer service possible. We won’t please all the people, all of the time…. we’d need FWL superhero capes if we could! [Ooo…. now there is a C-present idea for the team!]

What sets us apart from other companies who do what we do? We leave no stone unturned. Our researchers are highly creative individuals who are good at solving problems in unconventional ways. We are unique and have a 100% crack rate. A determined team, nothing beats us.

If you could choose a team, which one it be? The one in the Premier League or the one in one of the lower divisions. I know what I would go for….

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