One of those …. days

24 August 2015

And on this occasion, one of those almost perfect days. A Skype message first thing gave us a brilliant start…. a ‘slow burn’ case listed in June finally came to fruition with a beneficiary tracked down in Australia, thanks to our ‘Down Under’ FWL Office. Magic can be quick but miracles take longer and this was cracked with dogged determination. Interestingly, the case came off the BV list today too…. a sign perhaps!? Well, the beneficiary in Australia certainly knew nothing about it!

Heading over to Bristol for a business workshop for the morning, I can confirm that the summer is most certainly over (well, did it ever actually arrive?!). The BV list had a fair few new cases listed, with interesting places of birth from Jamaica to British Guiana, New Zealand to Colombia. Nonetheless, a great strike rate today for Team FWL (despite having a depleted team for holidays)….!

The administrative side of FWL can sometimes be a little challenging with solicitors, the Government Legal Department (GLD),  banks, other financial institutions, housing trusts and a whole host more companies and individuals to contend with on a regular basis. Not often am I able to say that this communication goes swimmingly but today, is one of those rare days when it has almost been perfect.

To cap off a very busy day, an urgent tracing request came in at 4pm. An elderly gentleman is gravely ill and has not written a Will. A local solicitor needed our help to find his half-sister and fast. So, the team downed tools and threw all our resources into locating her. In a few short hours, we have potential contact details for one of her relatives and we hope to speak to him tomorrow in order to find out (hopefully) where she is and get in touch. That’s magic – miracles take longer.

But magic and miracles make our jobs so exciting every day. Here are FWL, we find people and we change lives, every day.

[Source image: Miracles or Magic]

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