Less BSOs please!

26 August 2015

….Oh, so that caught your attention? What is a BSO? Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra? Building Supplies Online? The British School of Osteopathy? Actually none of the above…. In genealogy, a BSO is a ‘bright shiny object’ which distracts your attention from what you are supposed to be researching/doing!

It’s not just a genealogy thing. However, are you easily distracted by bright and ‘shiny’ new ideas? Do you find that you constantly start new tasks only to move on to the next task before finishing the one you are meant to be working on? If so, you may well have BSO Syndrome.

It’s not fatal – panic not! But, if you don’t do anything about it, you will most likely find that you will move further and further away from your goals every day. Believe me – as I am a BSO Syndrome Sufferer.

Up until this week, I have allowed BSO Syndrome to rule my life. I have allowed myself to be sidetracked by/attracted to some new ‘exciting’ and attractive idea/project. Some other less attractive concepts have been put on the ‘back burner’. No more. I will not allow myself to go off on tangents instead of remaining focused on the goal and tasks that I really need to concentrate on.

Wednesday has been an odd day. I have been a letter writing machine. I have scanned more documents and sent more post than ever before. I have put brilliant business processes in place that I wish I had thought of years ago. And I have done my steps…. that can sometimes be my BSO! Whatever the focus is each day, the list is god. What do you want to achieve? If you get the Must done, then hit the Should and afterwards the Could….

Write down the BSOs which appear along the way…. They can be saved for another day. Long though that list of BSOs may be…. Go ahead – let the BSOs appear in your consciousness. But don’t let them rule your day/week etc. to the detriment of other projects.

[Source image: Are you chasing a BSO?]

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