The ‘to-do’ list

28 August 2015

I mentioned earlier in the week that the ‘to-do’ list is god and this week, I have knocked off some hefty tasks which have been hanging about for a while. Still much to be done (as always) but it is great to be a position that we have more work on the books than members of the team to do it….! More training needed in this camp, for sure…. But one step at a time….

Today, I am sorry to tell you that I have been somewhat distracted from the tasks laid out before me. A meeting in Bath from 6:30am until 9:30am followed by another from 10am until 12noon in Bristol ate up much of the morning – clearly – and in the midst of all that, one of my geneamates decided that it would be a great idea to set me a Goal Day challenge – to do 10,000 steps. Well, that is really no challenge anymore for me. It’s more part of my working day.

However, when my challenger exceeded 17,000 steps…. well, that was it. That’s higher than my highest height. The gym doesn’t count as either active minutes or many steps (and that was 12:30-1:30pm) and I had already walked to the post office to pay my daily visit to get my 30 active minutes done and my steps to 10,000.

What was there left in my armory? The Treadmill. I can pretty easily do 30 minutes (not completely running I hasten to add) and there really wasn’t anything which couldn’t wait until later to be dealt with. So, off I went.

The steps mounted up and the kilometres very quickly went way over my daily goal, along with my calories burnt. You know the film Forrest Gump? Well, it was a bit like that. I was not going to stop until I had surpassed 18,500 – that was my goal. Guess what? I achieved it – and some! As I sit and write this now, I have almost done 21,000 steps today. For a genealogist who normally spends her day sat at the computer, I think my body might be crying out tomorrow. 60 minutes in the gym and 67 minutes on The Treadmill. I have never run for so long in all my life.

So, apologies to the godly one – the ‘to-do’ list – but frankly, today I was not going to be beaten. Certain items have been completed though I fear there are more than I had hoped which will form part of tomorrow’s tasks. Right now, I feel on top of the work with my High Tops badge which recognises my 20,000 steps. Bring on the weekend….

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