Is it Sunday today?

31 August 2015

What a mighty odd day it has been today! Summer Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. No mail, hardly any emails and even more rubbish on the television than usual…. Yuck! A good day to catch up on admin though and so, I am certain that the post office will be busy tomorrow. Personally, I have one more set of estate accounts to finalise and then I think the calculator can be put back in the drawer. The team have been paid and so we are set for a fantastic September….

Am I the only one who doesn’t really focus on what day of the week it is? Is it just me who has to have a diary to keep me in check? The benefit of being your own boss is that you can organise your week according to when you need to be available – if I have enough cover on the team, I can be out of office and doing other tasks but if I haven’t, my hands need to be on deck.

At FWL, we say that the office is open 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. Is that strictly true? Well, no. If the phone rings, there is usually someone on the end to answer it! Failing that, leaving a message ensures a call back pretty darned quick (PDQ)! Some people may ask why we do that? Being available to our clients is important to us. Ensuring that we provide a good service is crucial to our reputation. If you call/text us at 11pm, we might sound a little surprised though!

Doing what we do is a labour of love – in fact, just this last week, we offered our services on an intestate estate for nothing. Yes, you did read that correctly…. Many reasons why…. and several hark back to the ethics we have talked about over the last few days.

Time to be ethical. Time to be professional. It’s not difficult – we do it every day.

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