Needing inspiration?

1 September 2015

Have you ever stared at a blank screen waiting for inspiration? For that course essay which is due this week (or more likely, tomorrow!)….? Or for that article you should have written long before now….? We’ve all been there.

When I meet people in social (replace with genealogical) settings, they often ask me how I manage to write a blog every day. I am not going to lie, folks. Sometimes it is a challenge to create a piece of writing which (I think) will be interesting to my followers/readers. Do people really want to know my opinion on certain matters? I’d guess, no. So, more often than not, I steer clear of talking about issues such as migration, politics and other such divisive topics. After all, it is meant to be about social and family history (as well as a smattering of business/management/team-related ‘gems’ at times).

If 1 September is a sign of how September is going to continue, it can – quite frankly – do one. I’ll have August back …. although to be honest, that wasn’t all that and a bag of chips either. Maybe today was just a blip? A blot of the landscape which will otherwise be beautifully clear in September. I am hopeful.

Many people swear by chocolate when they need inspiration. That doesn’t fit in the current plan, sadly. I will just have to use the power of my brain to get me through. In the longer distant past, I have commented on the fact that my English teacher would be surprised that I am a writer. It was certainly not something I found easy during my formative years.

This evening, I watched a TV programme called Me and My Brain. Fascinating it was…. about a young lady who was a snowboarding teacher and, after badly landing a jump, has had to re-learn how to do all the everyday things we take for granted. Walking, talking, eating…. what an inspiration she is, and she still snowboards today.

Inspiration often comes from the strangest places. Sometimes, blog topics are inspired by a single sentence on the television, a conversation I have had in the post office …. all sorts. Those BSOs I talked about the other day can also inspire your research! So, take those moments of inspiration and run with them…. Carpe diem.

Source image: The Inside Word, Student Blog (University of Auckland)

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