When to switch?

4 September 2015

Some regular readers of the FWL blog may well recall my recent issues with a certain mobile network provider. Yes – VODAFONE. They decided they would render my mobile phone absolutely useless with no warning, no communication, no nothing and think that would be OK with me. Unsurprisingly, I let them know (in no uncertain terms) that this was NOT OK. Random Vodafone staff replied to my tweets with the blindingly obvious suggestions which I had already carried out…. and so I decided, it was time to switch to another network provider. This mission has not been completed as yet but I was ‘overjoyed’ to receive a text message today telling me: “Good news. We’ve finished upgrading the masts in your area. So you can enjoy better coverage.” Really, Vodafone? I sure as hell haven’t noticed any difference at all! My mission to switch will continue…. [final decision to be made soon]

I have already (26 days ago) made the switch to a healthier lifestyle and do you know what? I never realised how little exercise I did! Well, perhaps I did but I never cared to work out how bad it was. Fitbit (aka prison bracelet) is now well and truly a part of my everyday life, so I know what I have (and haven’t) done each day and I can make sure I have completed 8.05km, 10,000 steps and 30 active minutes. It’s not easy to ‘up the anti’ but small changes ensure that the game gets easier every day.

As a business owner, it’s a difficult balancing act too. You set up a business to do what you love and then you end up running it …. taking the role of every department manager in the business until you can find someone else to fill the role. Making a success of the switch from individual to business owner is tough and it’s important to surround yourself with clever, innovative people. Sometimes you might need to make a switch in personnel to ensure that you have the best web designer, the best plumber, the best solicitor or whatever it is you need, to help you progress your business to a new level.

Is it time for you to switch?

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