A problem shared….

5 September 2015

There is a proverb, “a problem shared is a problem halved“, but is this really the case? Surely, if you share the problem, then you are burdening someone else with the issue too? Though perhaps, if you discuss the problem with someone else, then there are two of you considering a possible solution…. It’s an interesting conundrum.

However, in business, I think of this in a different way, particularly in our line of business. Individually, we may not have all the answers on a project, though collectively, we may solve a complex puzzle. More often than not, team work wins the day. We sign cases by working together – one person may do the research, someone else may make/take the calls to potential beneficiaries, another member of the team will take on the administrative side (copying contracts, getting ID certified etc.)…. and that’s alongside the legal team, accounts department, IT department and everyone else!


It seems that many people in the Heir Hunting world are of the belief that they can just set up a company and make money with little/no experience or qualifications to do so. Dozens of companies are run from people’s homes and when calls are made to their ‘office’, they just pick up the telephone with ‘Hello‘. Not overly professional…. Even if you do run your business from home, it would be far more appropriate to answer the telephone in a manner which suggests that you are an authoritative company in the field.

Having a large team of researchers located across the globe means that we – at FWL – have a vast knowledge and expertise. Problems can be shared and halved or even quartered or more! Individual team members have their own niches and particular skill sets, so it’s much easier to delegate client projects to the right person.

But, like I mentioned in the mountain goats blog the other day, we do need more hands on deck. Do you have a family history research background/interest? Do you have some spare time and a desire/determination to crack cases, and/or change lives? Please get in touch – we need some more Terriers on the Team!

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