Honoured, stunned and delighted

16 September 2015

Rockstar Gold 2015I make no apology for this post. People who follow me on Twitter or are connected with me on Facebook or LinkedIn may well have heard quite a lot about this already. However, I am so proud and delighted that I will continue to pass on my exciting news of today. I am a Superstar – Gold Medal winning Rockstar – Genealogist for 2015. My fellow Superstars across the globe are (on the whole) legends in the field and quite frankly, I am stunned to be in their company. [There were some unexpected results in my opinion.]

I am even more surprised to win the Gold Medal in the UK after I saw two outstanding genealogists achieve Silver and Bronze for the UK. There was – in my eyes – no chance of me being placed higher than them. The alarm was set this morning for 4:55am. That is not a time I often see, I can tell you! The Gold Medal Award winners were being announced at 12 midnight EDT and by the time I had surfaced, I already had two Facebook messengers comments from friends, one saying “Congrats, Lass” and the other saying “Kirsty!!! WAKE UP!!!!” So, I soon worked out that the news was positive.

As per the usual pack drill for 5:10am (errr…. not!), I wrote a few Facebook posts, Twitter posts and such like and thought I would just go back to sleep. Not likely! My Facebook wall has been swamped all day with congratulatory messages from all over the globe. I have been seriously overwhelmed by how many people care enough to want to support me and celebrate my successes. The last year has been, on occasion, pretty challenging for a variety of reasons and sometimes, it’s easy to focus on all the negativity people throw your way. Well, stick your negative vibes – I am a Superstar, I’ll have you know. That’s no mean feat!

Honoured, stunned and delighted doesn’t really scratch the surface. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for me. Superstar Genealogist of the UK. Wow!

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